We make skip hire simple!

Didn't realise skip hire was so technical and confusing?

Been asked some questions you couldn't possibly know the answer to by another skip hire company? We take the time to explain, where others seem to just think you should know.

Skip hire used to be much easier to arrange. But with all the rules regs and competing government bodies from the EU, EA and your local council it's not so straight forward any more.

We do all the hard work! Our friendly team can advise you on and arrange:

  • Skip Permitting & Licensing
  • Parking suspension
  • Skip sizes
  • And help you work out if you'll have any access issues at your property.

We do the confusing stuff, so you don't have to!

Some skip hire firms expect you to just know how it all works, we understand that you probably haven't hired a skip for a while if ever!

Our friendly and understanding UK based customer service team are waiting to help.

We have drivers based near you!

We offer a national skip hire service locally!

We maintain an extended network of local drivers so your skip will be dispatched from a depot in (or near to) your home town. Supporting your local economy and creating/maintaining jobs in your town! Not to mention local knowledge of where you live and any localised practicalities, such as difficulties in accessing your street or lane etc. There's a good chance they've been there before for a neighbour!

But if you need a skip in a new area because you're moving or working away?

We've got you covered anywhere in the UK. Maybe your're a builder, tradesman, landlord working in an area away from home, moving or clearing a relatives property? we can help. We can deliver a skip to just about any local authority location within mainland UK or NI, just give us a call.

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quick skip hire guide
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Things to consider before hiring a skip

We've written this guide to pass on some of the knowledge we've gained from being involved in the skip hire industry for many years. These are problems that occur time and time again and how to avoid them. We hope to highlight the misconceptions, which cause misunderstandings before they happen, so your experience will run as smoothly as possible.

Do I need a skip hire permit?

If the skip is to be placed on your land or private land you don't need a skip permit just permission to use the land. If it's on the public highway or public owned land you'll need a skip permit. Abandoned or unmaintained land is a grey area but your skip company should contact the council on your behalf and establish what's needed. Knowing what's required as best you can will help you plan and avoid the situation where you need a skip ASAP but the whole project is held up due to permitting. You'd be surprised by the number of people who have everything ready to go (including labour) except the skip, assuming it's going to be simple to obtain. This is one of the most common mistakes people make.

Skip hire access issues - Skip Placement.

Tight angles, road markings or walls over 3ft etc. can cause problems with delivery of your skip or can cause delays with permitting. Plan the route to the drop off site as best you can and tell the skip company about any problems you can foresee. They may have a solution for you if there's problems (smaller truck etc.) or you may have to choose a different site for the bin. There's nothing more frustrating than having your labour in place and then having to wave the skip goodbye as it can't reach your intended spot. If there is no place on your land that can be reached then it can be some days from this point before a permit can be issued and you can get them back. The driver also has other jobs to deliver so he won't be able to hang around very long while you come up with a plan.

You many want to download and print off one of these free posters to display near where your skip is to be delivered to help keep access clear. If you have applied for parking space suspension , permit reservation , want to ask people to please keep your driveway clear or the more broad please keep entrance clear (for lanes etc.) then we have prepared a template for you to download. It may also be an idea to distribute our neighbours leaflet around a few of your more friendly neighbours to aide with delivery, avoid wasted journeys and give the less thoughtful ones a nudge, so they don't cause you problems. You'll need a PDF reader for the templates, if you don't have one you can download the free foxit pdf reader here.

What size skip do i need? - Skip Volume.

It's sometimes hard to gauge what size (volume) skip is needed, but we can help. The best advice we can give here is; one big skip is a lot cheaper than having to end up ordering two or three small skips. One 8yd builders skip will of course hold the same volume as two 4yd midi skips but their not half the price due to labour and transport costs. But we can give you a good estimate of what you'll need based on your advice on your project.  Take down the measurements as described in our video (in any listed format) and then download our free volume conversion and calculation tool. You'll need a spreadsheet program to use the tool, if you don't have excel installed you can download the free open office version here. The rule of thumb is: 1 cubic yard = roughly 1.5 standard sized washing machines.

What's going in the skip? - Waste Type.

Most people assume that they are paying for the hire of a metal box. That would only be one small element of the price you will be quoted. The biggest factor is what waste you are throwing away. Some things can be recycled eventually and have a lower cost for us to tip at a transfer station. Others can't and have higher taxes and tipping rates. Some types of waste have to have special treatment as they are hazardous or banned from landfill. All waste will be sorted in to recyclable piles and re-processed in to something useful (up to 90% recycled), but some waste can't be so skip prices everywhere vary on what rubbish you have. For example if you have a skip load of wood, stone or soil to get rid of then that's going to be a lot cheaper than ordering a mixed skip that anything can go in (broadly speaking, see printable list of what can't go in a mixed skip) .

How long do you need the skip?

This can be affected by permitting as the skip permit has a time limit before you have to pay for another permit. It's less of a problem if the skip is to be delivered to your own land but your skip hire company should be flexible. This is not always a factor on pricing though, if you need the skip for just a couple of days or a few weeks, it doesn't usually alter the price. The costs are mostly in transport and tipping but some will give a small discount for a quick turn around

Timescale of delivery is also very important but it's best to order early. Although companies can give a guide time they tend not to make the promises because they can be impossible to keep. Councils can delay permits, drivers can get caught in traffic or get held up in line while tipping. They have tachographs and can run out of hours. Book well in advance because we know you'll want to start at a specific time or have workman waiting. They'll always try to fit in last minute requests but same day and next day services cannot be guaranteed usually, the firms who do offer that service . Some firms will promise anything and then deal with the disappointed, but we'd prefer not to disappoint as we realise how important your project is to you.

Project start time, Similar to the above an actual delivery time of day for your skip is hard to predict. Everybody wants their skip delivered at 9am but the practicalities of that are near to impossible. Imagine a company that had 50 drivers all working one hour a day between 8-9am to get everyone in their preferred time-slot! Delivery times cannot be guaranteed. It's best advice to order delivery of your skip for the day before so it's ready for you.

early delivery

early finish

Project finish, skips can be sent out for delivery stacked seven skips high, but when their full can only be brought in one at a time. This creates a bottle neck for collection, allow plenty of notice for collection

easy delivery

not so easy collection

Your responsibility?

It is considered your responsibility to choose and use a legally compliant waste carrier, and you can be implicated if your a chosen company doesn't handle the waste correctly. You can search if they are licensed in England & Wales here, view our full guide on your responsibility as a waste producer, our government bodies guide, read up on waste management associations who may do some vetting in order to be a member, how the waste transfer note system tracks your waste, where your waste should end up and how it should be handled (waste transfer station).